learn to surf fast and fun way 

We will teach everyone who is willing to surf and enjoy the waves! Imagine someone catching waves in crystal clear turquoise waters on endless white sandy beaches. This someone could be you! In our surf course Fuerteventura there is no bad season - just fun and active leisure time at any season of the year! No age restrictions – both young and old can enjoy surfing alike. We're here to invite advanced surfers to improve their surfing skills as well and find new, better and more interesting waves. During the surf course fuerteventura you will acquire the basics of surfing theory; a lot of practical activities will be arranged for you.  

If the surf course fuerteventura we offer do not meet your desires, we can present other offers that will appeal to you. Simply email us so that we could find out what would satisfy your wishes.


For those who never tried and want to became Intermediate 


  • Fast learning
  • Professional instructors
  • Multilingual surf instructors (Instructions in: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French)
  • Small groups
  • New material (surf boards and wetsuits)
  • Easy waves for learning and fast progress

Surf course description:

Level one course begins in the forgiving white water. You won’t be out of your depth until your comfortable to do so. You’ll learn how to select and catch waves unassisted; how to stall and accelerate the board; the difference between trimming and carving turns; and the functional stance which will allow you to perform big turns and progress onto catching unbroken waves during your stay.
First Stage: All the surf lessons can be done in the whitewater (once the wave has broken and shifted into foam). In this phase we will begin to acquire the basic skills in a fun and gentle way, thus we never enter a certain depth. The student will learn how to select and catch waves without help, how to stop and accelerate the board, the difference between different types of turns, and most importantly the “functional stance“, which is crucial in the basic stage of learning to surf since it is the key to progression.


  • Moving the board properly in the basic lying position (Prone position) and learning to handle the board dynamically and functional. “fluctuation balance
  • Paddling: Progressive from less to more and allowing you to take the foam/ waves alone. Understanding the acceptance of the wave energy and the physical forces at work in this process.
  • Take-off: Setting foot on the board, adapted to each person according to their skills and biomechanics.
  • Basic standing posture: “functional stance” feet in the accurate place, knees bent, back straight and arms in front of the trunk..
  • Surfing the whitewate: Go straight to the shore with the weight well distributed on the board.
  • Whitewater skirting: Moving to one direction, going left or right (front- or backside to the wave)
  • Drills: Basic exercises for mobility

For intermediate level surfers who want to improve to Independent level surfer


  • Fast learning
  • Professional instructors
  • Multilingual surf instructors (Instructions in: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French)
  • Small groups
  • New material (surf boards and wetsuits)
  • Easy waves for learning and fast progress

Surf Course description:

Level 2 surfers can comfortably stand on the board and are focusing on catching unbroken waves.  The surf lessons will focus on the point of paddling past the whitewater and starting to catch waves before they break. The student will learn how to paddle in different ways beginning to understand the negotiation of waves efficiently and safely “out the back“. Selecting and catching continuous waves that are coming in series, understanding the surf etiquette (knowledge about priorities, surf ethics, etc), how to deal with security and confidence any situation that may come up and positioning yourself correctly at the peak to reach the selected wave are some of the abilities you will acquire.


  • Maneuvers to reach the line-up, do good duck-diving and climbing back up. Good use of the existing currents.
    • Take off: Catching waves before they break. Drops with the weight forward.
    • Bottom turn: Well bent and hand carrying (back) to touch the water.
    • Peak location: Correct positioning in the surf.
    • Tugs/speed: coordinated flexion/extension movements to accelerate.
    • Reading waves: Going all the time for the right part of the wave looking for the steepest part.
    • Knowledge and application of the priority rules in the peak.
    • Technical language about skills or surfing maneuvers.


  • Surf Board;
  • Wetsuit;
  • Qualified Instructor;
  • Transfer to the the best surf beches in north part of Fuerteventura;
  • Free refreshing drink in our Surf School.
  • discuonts for other our offers.


  • 1 Day/4 Hours - 45 €
  • 2 Days/8 Hours - 90 €
  • 3 Days/12 Hours - 129 € (120€)
  • 4 Days/16 Hours - 164 € (155€)
  • 5 Days/20 Hours - 199 € (190€)
  • 10 Days/40 Hours - 350 € (380€)

(Pre-Booking Prices)